java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Model must not be null in CCPropertySheet()


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    I am getting java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Model must not be null in CCPropertySheet() while registering my custom authentication module. When I register it for the first time, it works fine while if I remove OpenAM all together and install it again and register module, I can see the module in list of modules but I don’t see its configuration on clicking it.

    OpenAM version : 11.0.0
    Java 7

    Any pointers will be appreciated.


    This error is usually caused when the properties file is missing from the classpath or the xml file does not have a correct properties file name.

    When you say remove openam – is this also removing the configuration or just clearing out the webapps/war file?
    If you have created the service and registered it once then the details it will stay in the configuration store and you must make sure any customizations are preserved in the war file.



    I removed the .openamcfg file as well when removing OpenAM.I I will check your other suggestion and reply back. Thank you.

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