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    I am newbie to Open AM & struggling to configure SSO in my application.

    Summary what I have done

    1. Installed open am app in tomcat container by following the steps in installation guide
    2. During the installation I have made open am to use existing open dj as identity system
    3. Downloaded jboss relevant agents since my web application running on jboss eap6.1
    4. Created j2ee agent in open am & also installatied agent in my jboss server and did configuration setting my web.xml and etc

    5. When I try to access my web app url which is redirecting to open am login console. upon successful login of open am console I have again redirected to my application login. Upon successful logging into my application I am able to browse all the links in my own app

    What I am expecting here is “I want to skip my application login and login of open am console should directly login me into my application”

    My web application has it’s own login framework.

    I am not sure whether I am doing in a right way or not. Appreciate your quick responses on this thread.

    Web application: J2ee web app
    server: jboss eap6.1

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     Brad Tumy


    OpenAM should replace your application’s login logic. You need to modify your application so that it is not prompting the user but instead trusting the authentication that occurred with OpenAM. If you are unsure how to modify your JBoss application then take a look at this link, the answer on this page gives a good example of how to enable a new security domain within JBoss.



    Many thanks Brad for your response. I have now understood some basics atleast. Will proceed in your way as suggested.

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