Issue with realm redirection with webagents 5 and openAM 5.5.1

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    Hi Guys,
    I am also struck in the same situation. Any more suggestions to fix the same.


    Hello Anirudh

    Maybe this guide can help you. OAuth 2.0 Guide. ForgeRock Access Management 5.5. ForgeRock AS 201 Mission St, Suite 2900 San Francisco, CA 94105, USA (US)

     William Hepler

    From the release notes:

    Changes to Conditional Login

    Web Agents 5 change the OpenAM Conditional URL (com.forgerock.agents.conditional.login.url) and the Regular Expression Conditional Login URL (org.forgerock.agents.config.conditional.login.url properties as follows:

    Web Agents 5 authenticate to and log out users from the oauth2/authorize endpoint, which is not configurable. Therefore, to specify the realm or authentication module to which users should authenticate to, or log out from, add a conditional redirection rule. For example:|
    Web Agents 5 let you configure conditional login redirection against any service or website in your environment.

    Web Agents 5 conditional login let you match domains, subdomains, and paths in the incoming request URL in each rule.

    For more information, see Login URL Properties in the User Guide.


    That happened to us when installing the agent, if you forget to add the “/” before test when you specify the
    Agent realm/organization name.

    Agent realm/organization name: /test

    Hope this helps.


    when you are trying to give login url make sure you are pointing to right realm location.
    for example: if I have my agent configured in /test then I would be given my realm login url like below

     William Hepler

    For agents 5 and above they will default to the global realm unless you specify|http:/

    See the following

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