Is OpenAM supports Web Services Security Support?

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    Hi All,
    I am using OpenAM 12 version for development environment i am stuck at web service security using OpenAM.

    what is the best way to secure my web services using openAM .

    i don’t find any documentation related to this in OpenAM. But OpenSSO provides some kind of documentation .

    is this same approch will work in openAM and is there any better approach supported by openAM.

    i just want to know is there any better approach in OpenAM ?


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     Peter Major

    Are you talking about WS-* web-services?


    Hi Peter ,

    we have couple of restful services built in our applications . clients are already using those restful services . we need to Authenticate these requests against OpenAM via HTTP Basic Authentication .

    we tried by using OpenAM HTTP basic Authentication . But Agent Always redirects the call to OpenAM so client program is receiving 302 .



    We may be looking at a similar situation. I was told once that the OpenAM web agent is not suited to secure web services, as unauthorised requests will return a 302 as you’ve seen.

    Apparently this is something OpenIG may be better suited for, and can hook into OpenAM policy rules (so I’ve heard, I’ve not tried this).


    Hi Andy ,

    we have different options . but we are trying to do best and cleaner approach through J2ee Agent itself .
    we are trying with Non enforced URI and calling the OpenAM REST API authentication for Rest calls .
    now we are trying to identify what is cost of doing OpenAM rest API authentication becasue t requires multiple Rest calls to authenticate .

    Also from the OpenAM developers I just want to know is there any better approach/configuration can achieve through agent itself .


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