Is it possible to have a theme specific html footer in AM 6.0?

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    In AM 6.5, I was able to create a themed footer by creating the path \src\resources\themes\<my theme>\templates\common and copying over the default FooterTemplate.html from \src\resources\templates\common and making edits to it under <my theme> folder. However, this method doesn’t seem to work in AM 6.0. In the 6.0 documentation there is a line stating “although customizing the footer would alter the appearance for both user-facing and administration pages“. Does this mean a theme specific footer is not possible in AM 6.0?

    I would like to edit the actual html and not modify the mailto/phone properties within ThemeConfiguration.js.

     Scott Heger

    Which specific 6.0.x.x version are you using? I ask as there was some fixes related to FooterTemplate.html in version as per Also check out the release notes for 6.5.x.x as there are a number of other XUI related fixes in 6.5.x.x:

     Jatinder Singh

    I was able to reproduce in v.6.0.0 and v. and it seems like the file is not getting picked up. I would suggest to open a support ticket.

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