Is it posible create UMA policies using JSON policy API?

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    Using the “json/policies?_action=create” I can create Policies, ok.
    But I would like to create UMA policies. The reason I use the “policies?_action=create” (not the uma/policies?_action=create) API is because with that API an administrator can create policies, and the UMA API needs the user to be logged in.

    After creating a UMA resourceSet, I can create a policies to share them sending a json object, but then, I dont see the policie in the Share section of the user, although I see the policy is create in the Policies section in the Authorization section.

    I see UMA policies created, via the UMA flow, produces policies with a patern like uma://*, and some other details(in the name of the polici is like ‘resSetName – userCreator – resSetID-StrangeNumber”). I am trying to reproduce them, but with no 100% sucess.
    My test:
    curl \
    –request POST \
    –header “iPlanetDirectoryPro: AMADMINCOOKIE….” \
    –header “Content-Type: application/json” \
    –data ‘{
    “name”: “resourceSetName – test1 – fce47941-a975-4456-b2b0-e51a189680190-987654321”,
    “active”: true,
    “description”: “”,
    “applicationName”: “clientagent”,
    “actionValues”: {
    “SCOPEWRITE”: true,
    “SCOPEREAD”: true
    “resources”: [
    “subject”: {
    “type”: “JwtClaim”,
    “claimName”: “sub”,
    “claimValue”: “id=receiveruser,ou=user,o=umarealm,ou=services,dc=ldap1,dc=ldap2,dc=ldap3”
    “resourceTypeUuid”: “fce47941-a975-4456-b2b0-e51a189680190”
    }’ \

    Any ideas welcome.

    Another question: UMA Policies cann include the evalution of Environment conditions like Time and Date? Any example?
    Thanks a lot

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