is Directory service 5 (opendj 4.0.0) opensource?

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    is this product opensource? Or is it commercial software?
    Like Oracle DataBase.

    How do I sell it?
    opendj 4.0 (directory service 5) – subscription or license?

    if oendj4.0.0 is opensource (CDDL under license)
    When is opendj open to stash?


    and directory service 5 is similar to unboundid diectory server product. proxy, AD sync, naming to datastore etc.

    Against this product to compete with Ping identity product?


    I welcome these products very much.

     Jamie Bowen

    As of November 2016, we separated the development of our open source software from our commercial software. Specifically, we now have two versions of product–a community version and a commercial version. The development trunk is no longer public. The last revision of code publicly available from the old model is from the platform release in 2016.

    Our community edition can be found here:

    More details on the split between the two versions can be found here:

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