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    Hey Guys,

    I am new to the OpenAM platform. I am interested in learning OpenAM. Can someone provide me a good learning path for me to follow?

    I am currently reading the admin guide..but looking for ideas from pros on how can I get up to the speed.

     Bill Nelson

    Welcome @amarvemula.

    ForgeRock offers a free 1/2 day training session on OpenAM. I suggest that you start with that (see

    The next step (and I highly recommend this) is to take the ForgeRock OpenAM 5 day training class. This will provide you with a great overview of the product and you will have hands on experience with all facets. See for more details.

    Once you have a good overview of the product, then you can just start playing with it. Of course, return here with any questions and you will have a helpful community ready to assist.




     Bill Nelson

    You are welcome!


    Hello, I am Naveen working in Identity and Access Management domain for more than 8 years. I am new to Forgerock platform and interested in researching the forgerock platform for my new project.

    Specifically looking at Identity Gateway capabilities and integrate with OpenAM or other access management platforms. Would like to know if there are training courses out there about these integrations and capabilities of IG to get a good understanding on the product sooner.

    Excited to be part of this community and to interact with all the great people out there.

    Thank you.

     Jamie Bowen

    Hi Nav,

    There sure are! You can find out more about ForgeRock training courses here;

    Welcome to the forums!


    Hi Everyone,

    I am Lois Bennett in Boston, MA. I found openIDM and I am just starting to read about it. I hope it will meet our needs to allow for a single point password changing tool for our users on both UNIX and Windows. Right now I find myself very confused about which version I should download if I want to run the free, open version of openIDM. This list seems like a good place to start.
    Could someone tell me which list here I should be on for totally newby questions from a sysadmin, jack of all trades and master of none?



    Hi All,
    My name is Srinath and I’m new to Forgerock(Attended AM400 training). Our organization using all FR products(AM,DJ,IG & IDM).
    Hope to get help from the users in these forums whenever I face a roadblock.



    Hi there!

    My name is Andy Holmes, live and work in the UK for a large telco/media company. Ive been working with LDAP for many many years now and looking to move to a new product….. possible OpenDJ, I actually played around with OpenDS when Sun where playing with it!

    Hoping OpenDJ is capable of LDAPs that can reliably replicate out large (50M+ records) across multiple locations and achieve work loads upto 0.5B searches per day without my intervention year after year ;)

    Im struggling to find out support/licensing costs for OpenDJ, any help and assistance is appreciated.

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    My name is Fabien and I am doing some research on OpenIDM LDAP connectors.

    The first issue I have is that I tried to post something under the IDM section of this forum and although my profile activity indicated I gained 10 points for posting a new thread, it is nowhere to be seen (not on the sub-forum and not on my profile).

    Is there something wrong with the forum or do new thread need to be validated first by a moderator or something?
    I posted the new thread on April, 11th (yesterday).

     Bill Nelson


    This is the only message that I see you have posted. Look in your profile activity and you will see your messages. Make 100% sure that your message is actually posted. I have seen that I need to hit the back button and try again before the posting actually “takes”.



    Thanks @bill-nelsonidentityfusion-com for your reply.

    I had to try ten times and got this weird message “ERROR: Are you sure you wanted to do that?” but it worked in the end, I was redirected to the new topic.

     Bill Nelson

    I have had the same situation, @fabien (and the same error message). I now copy my message before submitting, and when I see the error, I paste my text into the next box and submit. Pain in the rear, but doable. Until you said something, I thought I was the only one seeing this.


    Hi Bowen,

    I am Danush. We have started to build open banking and decided to use openAM for identity management.



    I’m from FUJTIV Live, a mainstream japanese tv live service.
    Nice to meet you.

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