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     Jamie Bowen

    Hi Bharat,

    Welcome, and congratulations on the Certification!




    I am Rakesh Kr Satyam. We have started evaluating OpenIDM for our user management. I did POC for our requirement of synchronization and reconciliation of users created in OpenIDM. I am right now in development phase and will be having many questions whenever I face a roadblock. Hope to get help from the users in these forums.



    Hi All,

    I have configured the outbound email in openidm through user interface and restart the openidm.
    At the password setting through Email Random Password.

    We get The reset password email has failed to send, please check your configurations and try again.

    Note- In log we get below message.

    INFO: There was an error with the outbound email service configuration. The password was reset but the user hasn’t been notified.

    Please help….

     Jamie Bowen

    Hi Rakesh,

    Your issue is far more likely to be answered if you post it in the OpenIDM forum which may be found here;

    Good luck and welcome!


     Andy Cory

    Hi all

    I’m Andy, I work at ForgeRock partner KCOM, where I lead KCOM’s IAM Practice. I work on a mixture of consultancy and delivery projects. I’ve been working with IAM and ForgeRock products for a few years now, my first exposure being an OpenAM course delivered by none other than Willy Nelson. No, wait, it was Bill Nelson – gosh those guys are hard to tell apart.

    I’m a strong advocate of ForgeRock’s products, and I am an accredited OpenAM specialist and also a ForgeRock mentor. I’m not sure if that’s short for Tormentor or Dementor, I’m still working that one out.

     Jamie Bowen

    Haha! Good to see you here Andy! Rock on!


    Hey Everyone ,

    I am Alay, I am new to ForgeRock products. Currently I am trying to deploy the OpenAM and OpenDJ examples to AWS Kubernetes by using the helm scripts contributed by the Forgerock Community.

    I am facing some issues and I am looking forward to interacting with the folks on the forum to find answers to my questions and thereafter help others.



    Hi Jamie and Friends,

    I’m Satya from Melbourne, Australia. I’m security consultant and big fan of OpenIDM and OpenAM. I’m to learn and share my knowledge. Looking forward to talk soon




    I am Robert Salloum from Edmonton, Alberta. As a Solution Architect, I work on the Digital Identity program for the Government of Alberta. We are using ForgeRock for our Identity Provider service.


    Hi all, Iam Azharuddin. Working as a Apigee Developer at Mindmajix Technologies INC. website:


    Hi everyone,

    I have been following OpenIDM since about version 2.1. I’m doing this in a private capacity, just for the sake of research, and also in the hope that one day I’ll be able to demonsrate to others that OpenIDM and friends are as worthy of consideration as other IdM platforms and products. I’m a bit of a “greybeard” and have been working in the area of identity management for over 20 years and have lived through many changes in the scene, seeing it grow from simple user account management into what it is today (does anyone else remember long nights wrestling with X500, the precursor to LDAP?). Oh dear – I’ve lapsed into reminiscing about days past. Well, before it’s time for my mid-morning snooze…

    I’m currently putting together a PoC using openIDM to manage the complete user account lifecycle using OpenIDM. I have OpenIdM provisioning happily to OpenDJ and Active Directory (using the ad-ldap provisioner), doing password changes in both directory systems, and doing additions, updates and deletions. Mostly working. What I haven’t managed to get working are some of the more complicated things like implementing look-up tables (to decide values for attributes like ‘city’ and ‘postalCode’, based on an identifier in upstream data). There will be other things about which I will need to ask for help when I run out of ideas, skill, talent or luck.

    Thanks for a great product, ladies and gentlemen.




    I am Ellenstevens from Albny and I am new here this forum.



    I am new to this forum and new to OpenAM product.I have learned some basic about OpenAM 13.0 and i want to know how to configure Active directory for Authentication and authorisation using active directory configuration page from ForgeRock GUI Console.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Hi, I am Michael, Java web-app developer. Our company sells a web-app product which, for a certain customer, shall be integrated into a SAML SSO. In order to be able to this I was looking for how to set up a test environment on my workstation. While searching I came across OpenAM, found the documentation very promising, and are now in the middle of doing a test setup with the community edition.



    HI All,

    i’m a solution architect and i am evaluating OpenAM as a possible solution to our customer


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