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    Hi Everyone,

    This is Subhash here. I am returning to IAM domain after a gap of several years. Worked on Netegrity (now CA) Siteminder / Identity Minder, Sun Identity Manager (with a lot of XPRESS coding) during the initial years of my career. Curently in the process of setting up a working environment of OpenAM with OpenDJ as the data store. Hoping to get this community’s support if and when required.

    A quick question at this time: how do I search within these forums? I don’t see an option that allows me to say, search within OpenDJ project for any question I might have. Something I am missing?

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    Hello and welcome to @bipink, @RaofM @ndsubhash. Thanks for finding us. We hope you find the forums useful!


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    Hi All,
    I am totally new to this domain LDAP and directory services.

    I have very important project that I am working on analyzing and preparing a report of OpenDJ and alternatives – upgrading/migration. So please I need your help with following inquires:

    * In case the upgrade process fails *
    We already have OpenDJ 2.4.6 as directory service and we want to upgrade to the new version which is 3.5.1 as i remember.
    -The upgrading to new version as you know will have downtime and i want to know how much minutes/time it takes to upgrade our directory service to the last version?
    -Also what will happen if everything goes wrong and our upgrading unsuccessful in this case all our employees and clients will lose the access to all our web systems?
    -Can anyone advice me if it is better to test the upgrading on another server then make it on our server? 
    -I need instructions regarding upgrading so to avoid any potential errors/issues?
    – What are the most problems that can be considered through the process of upgrading our directory service(OpenDJ)?
    * Now we have everything on cloud why we don’t have cloud OpenDJ / OpenDJ Identity as service, so it dosent need to care about upgrading and backups…

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    Hi @mldhamid,

    I doubt any DJ experts are going to see your post here. Try posting in the OpenDJ forum

    Good luck,


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    Yes, thanks. I did it and I got quick answer from Ludo.

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    Hi All,

    We’ve been using the OpenAM 10.0 for a few years now as our SSO solution. Now our project is to configure OpenAM 13.0 for SSO for Oracle 12c Fusion Middleware application.

    So far we had a success implementing SSO via SAML using OpenAM 13.0 A with OpenDJ 3.0 (as User Data Store) in our our GRAIL application.

    Looking forward to learning more about this product.


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    Welcome to the forums t1nz! Good luck with your project!

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    Hi, I am trying to get started here and I have no idea what I’m doing. Hopefully by replying to this posting I am following proper protocol.

    I’m a senior Linux Administrator who works for LMI in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. We have a very old version of OpenDJ running on our systems, and I’m trying to upgrade to a newer version that works with Java 8.



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    Good luck Larry!

    Hopefully you’ll find all the help you need in the OpenDJ forum;


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    Hey everyone, I am Pavan and I am a DevOps and Growth Marketer at Shippable. Would love to include in any kind of DevOps related discussions. Nice to be here in this group.

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    Hi Pavan, and welcome. Devops is certainly a hot topic right now :-)


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    Hello All,

    I am Salvatore, nicknamed Salvo in EU and Sal in USA.

    I am an IT Security Architect and SME with more than 16 years of experience in the IT Security industry. Currently I work for a big US Corporation, but my interest for ForgeRock is mainly personal and not sponsored by my employer. I have also assisted on big IAM implementation projects in the past, but my knowledge is limited to CA and Oracle products and I would like to update my skills with a best of breed product, which doesn’t fully lock with a specific vendor, OpenSource and flexible enough to include mobile and cloud platforms. I have just started to study ForgeRock OpenDJ and OpenIDM, but ultimately my goal is to reach a stage where a ForgeRock IAM solution can be demonstrated.

    I enjoy skiing, water skiing, swimming and sailing whenever is possible. I mostly live in UK, with some holidays time spent in Northern Europe and Turkey.

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    I am David and I am new to IdM in general (I know how to spell it!). I have a general idea how the software works.
    I have worked in the SAP Security environment for more than 15 years and was in the Basis Admin environment several years before that.
    The company I work for is interested in deprovisioning user access when a user leaves the company.
    Will open source products handle 400k to 1.2 million users?
    We are looking to connect to our SAP systems on prem as well as cloud but on prem is the priority.
    We would also like to provision and allow users to request SAP access via a workflow to request new SAP roles.
    We would like to call SAP’s GRC product for SoD checks and, if everything is approved, provision the user’s access.
    I know the “Big Names” like SAP and CA have solutions but I am researching open source solutions while the company spins their wheels trying to figure out what direction they want to go.
    Thanks for any help you can give (“Run away, run away!!” comes to mind but is not really an option).

    I like to “camp” in my motor home (my niece says, “that’s not camping”) when I can find the time but, with work schedules, it is difficult to get away but hoping to change that this year.

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    Hi @dnelson60559 (from a fellow Nelson), the answer to your question is, yes, ForgeRock products can handle the loads you are looking for (and more). As with other vendor products, the secret is in the architecture. I have architected/implemented full stack solutions (OpenIDM/OpenAM/OpenDJ) in the 10M user range and have been quite happy with the results. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like more information.

    Oh, and welcome to the community!

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    Thanks Bill for the welcome.
    I think I have seen that the software is totally free even for a production system but that a company could purchase support – Is this accurate? Also, if we can pay for support, what does that entail – how much and what exactly do we get?

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