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    Hi there.

    I am new to openAM. I am trying to install openAM13 on Tomcat 9. I get this error “http://openam.example.com:8080/openam/XUI/#login/” and the page shows loading “Loading…”. I don’t know what to do next.

    Any ideas?

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    Hi Risco, and welcome!

    I expect you’ll get a faster response if you post this in the following forum;


    Glad you found us!


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    I am Jumbo.

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    Hi Jumbo,

    Good luck and thanks for finding us :-)


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    Hi guys,

    My name is Nan. And I had several projects with OpenAM before. However, I would like to keep learning new stuff here and happy troubleshooting around.


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    Recently I have completed Forgerock training, and I was planning to give a certification on the same. Since I am new to both Forgerock and Access Manager, could somebody guide me on some model papers that I can refer so as to get an idea on the type of questions that would be asked. I assume most of them would be scenario based questions. I had searched in internet, but could not find much.
    Any help is appreciated

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    Hi @arathiforgerock,

    The OpenAM certification is (for the most part) based on the FR-420 training class with additional materials coming from industry best practices. There are no study guides out there that I am aware of, so your best bet is to know the FR-420 backwards and forwards.

    Now, having said that, I do NOT recommend that you take the certification without actually deploying OpenAM in at least 2 (at the very least 1) deployments that incorporate federation, policy agents, and customization of the product both from the UI and the plugin perspective. Not having actual deployment experience will most definitely hurt your chances of success with the test as the questions must be “interpreted” based on experience, not just memorization of topics, acronymns, or flows.

    I hope this helps,


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    Hi @arathiforgerock,

    A sample paper is in development; however as Bill says, experience of deploying OpenAM is the best preparation for the exam. The exam authors developed the questions from their experiences deploying OpenAM into production environments.


    – Kevin

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    Hi All.
    I am sangjun song. I live in korea. I work for seojindsa. (www.seojinda.kr)

    I am interesting OPENDJ. I have been build up ldap serevice using any other directory server. (CA Directory server, IBM Tivoli Directory Server, OpenDS, OpenDJ, Unboundid, SunONE, from Netscape Directory server 3.x, openldap, 389 Directory server, Oracle Internet Directory, syntegra X.500 server, oracle unified directory, oracle directory server enterprise edition, novell directory server)

    I have a question. why stash.forgerock.org site is locked? opendj is no longer source open. over 3.x, just 3.0 open?

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    Thanks a lot Kevin and Bill, for those valuable suggestions.
    Waiting to be a part of Forgerock project soon, so that I can get more practical exposure.

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    Good luck, @arathiforgerock. You are about to go an an awesome journey – learning ForgeRock products.

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    @sjsongseojindsa-kr, please ask your question(s) in the appropriate forum. In the case of your last question, that would be the OpenDJ forum.

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    I am Bipin. Currently I am exploring OpenAM as a possible solution for my Authentication framework. We have existing monolithic identification and verification framework. So all my questions to this forum would be how OpenAM can do like alike functions as well as what business benefits I can get by replacing current framework, etc. Thx.




    My self Raof Mohammed, primarily working as a consultant on ForgeRock suite of Products, Currently working for one of my client in central Illinois. Mostly have Experienced around OpenSSO, OpenDS, OpenAM, OpenDJ and OpenID.

    Implementing Mostly all of the features OpenAM(AuthZ/Federation/OAuth) and OpenDJ(Config/Directory) Provide.


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