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    Hi Jamie,

    I am Arathi and I am new to ForgeRock OpenAM, planning to attend the training soon on OpenAM, which my work place is going to schedule soon. Meanwhile I would like to check other than the docs in Forgerock website, are there any small implementations or practice demos in OpenAM that I can read and understand.

    Thanks and Regards,

     Jamie Bowen

    Hi Arathi,

    The docs really are the best place to start. They’re well written and should give you a great into to the product. Here’s a link to the draft 14.0.0 docs;

    You can find all the release version documentation in our BackStage portal;!/docs

    Welcome to the ForgeRock community! I hope you enjoy working with OpenAM!



    Thanks a lot Jamie!
    I am trying to install Forgerock in Windows OS, and am facing few issues. I am using the installation guide uploaded in forgerock website. I have seen the installation videos on Youtube which are mostly done in Linux containers, hence wanted to check if there are similar videos for Windows as well. After installing tomcat server (version 7) and deploying the openam war file in tomcat, once I try to access the url – it gives me DNS error. I have also edited the etc/hosts file to include this domain. Please can you help me on the same

     Jamie Bowen

    On windows the hosts file lives at




    Hopefully that should get you up and running. If not try posting in the OpenAM forum.

    Good luck,




    I am Chao-Ping Chien. I am trying to evaluate if OpenIDM is the right tool for my current project. My project basically is an audit report to find out who is using what. we currently have no IDM system. everything is spread in different app/device, we export user information from app/device in to spreadsheet than eyeball them one by one and create a new reconciled spread sheet. I am hoping OpenIDM can somehow automate this process.

    About myself, I have about 30 years of IT experience. worked in developer, DBA and system admin role and currently at my company as IT Architect.



     Jamie Bowen

    Hi, welcome to the forums.

    IDM is really powerful and configurable. Sounds like an interesting project. Be sure to check out the OpenIDM forum. There’s a wealth of wisdom available there!



    Hi all.

    I’m from JP and learning and building sso with our systems in my company.
    It’s very difficult ’cause I dont have good English both write/read…but very fun to be able to move:D

    I do the dullsville post…sorry!


     Jamie Bowen

    Hi Tomohiro,

    Welcome to the forums! Not a dull post at all! Good luck with your project,



    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum, Please i need assist from you . Please mail me to [email protected]

    what is the difference between
    IDM and OpenIDM
    IAM and OpenIAM &

    As i am new to this, kindly help me with links or example or documents .


    Hi everybody,

    I’m Brian Oliver, I am from Indonesia, currently working as a programmer. Recently, I am having interest on OpenAM since our company want to implemement SSO.
    I am just getting started, pls be kind to me ..


    Welcome Udayasree and Brian!

    @udayasree: If you are a developer two good places to start are here: (the basics) (the docs, including getting started material)

    If you’re not a developer, or want a more high level view, we have quite a few explainers available on our site:

    @brian_bro: No need to stop at “only” SSO :) We have a webinar coming up in two weeks that deals with what comes next:




    My name is Phil Lembo. I’m a system administrator for a global distribution company (with the grandiose title “Enterprise Architect”) focusing on collaboration technologies. Previously I spent over a decade managing our directory services environment, which was migrated from Sun Directory to OpenDJ.


    Hi Phil :)

    As an OpenDJ veteran I’m sure you know (or even have met!) @ludo from the team behind OpenDJ here at ForgeRock. In a blog post a few days ago he previewed how to manage the directory server with REST. More posts are coming about the next major release of OpenDJ. Stay tuned :)




    I’m Ferenc.
    We find a solution to demonstrate SSO with SAML2 and OpenAM would be a good choise.
    Maybe I’ll have questions in the future.

     Jamie Bowen

    Hi Ferenc,

    Glad you found us and hope this forum can be useful to you should those questions arise!


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