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    I am currently working on a project to migrate from Oracle’s Identity Management (OIM) to FR IDM.
    I hope to find some information and maybe help other people with their problems.

     Bill Nelson

    Welcome @jacandedo! Good luck on your migration. Sounds like a lot of “fun”. :-)



    My name is Juanma and i am part of the team in charge of the management of multiple deployments of OpenAM 6.5.3.

    Best Regards.


    Hello, My name is Martin. I am working on an authentication project using multi channels.
    We can (very-very safetly) identify&authenticate users. Result of our user identification is an specific and unique alphanumber sequence (eg. 0788W4478UZ) asigned to the real (physical) user – this is covered with our Registration process.

    Now, We developed our Reverse Proxy build on Apache with specific unbreakable TLS encryption, resistents against MITM attacks.
    We are looking for AccessManagement product to implement ZeroTrust architecture with PDP, PEP elements.
    Our Reverse Proxy should work as an PEP point and communicate (be controled) with another 3rd. party PDP. Forge Rock looks very good, because has good documentation, community and public (open) concept.
    Finaly my question is: which API (RESTAPI) method should I use at our Reverse Proxy gateway?
    Does exist some example where 3rd. party application (worked as AGENT) do authorization Request to AM?
    The authorization respond in JSON format will be transformed into the efective rights in our apache_proxy module.
    Thanks for any advise or help how to begin.


    Hi everyone I’m ivan and I was quite new in OpenAM , i am currently working on oidc integration using OpenAM 13 and azure AD. I set up authentication module microsoft that created a user in openam but the authentication flow failed. Is it possible to configure thisintegration with this version? I don’t found a documentation


    Hi, my name is Jeanette Kenney.
    Like many of you I am a geek of a certain breed – I LOVE Security, Identity and Access Management. I believe that everyone in this field is securing a better world for the future of our colleagues or families, our communities and our world. It is our job to make it a better world and IAM is definitely part of the equation. :)


    Hello all,

    I am Anisha. I am new to Forgerock but worked with various vendors like Oracle, IBM, Novell IDM products in the past. So IDM concepts are not new to me but Forgerock is. This forum looks great and hope this forum provides the information or details I am after.


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