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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Rajesh Sadhanala. I have 14 years of IT experience primarily specialized in Healthcare domain. From last 4 months, I am working in forgerock AM and IDM modules.



    Hi All,

    I am new to ForgeRock Identity and management products. I was working on Oracle IDAM products and currently doing POC’s on openam



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    Hi, I am new to openam and opendj and looking for insights into to setup both.


    Hello, I’m new to OpenAM. We’re using the OAuth2 provider as an on-premises alternative to AzureAD.


    Hello there…my names are SAMA SAMO.Manager at alzinseka”s documents nice to be here with you guys.


    Hi, My name is Maria. I am a data analyst and currently working with the Cloudways they provide managed AWS cloud hosting server. I am responsible for the data security over there. I am looking to modernize it in a better way and I am considering OpenDJ to be implement in the company which brought me to this community. I hope that you will like my stay here.



    My name is Habeeb and we are adopting Forgerock for our banking platform, we are in the design phase rite now I am hopeful this form gives opportunities to get honest opinion about different scenarios and questions we have at this juncture. We use FR AM, IDM, IG and DS deployed in Kubernetes using CDM


    Hi, I’m following the steps given at openAM. I’m now installing the Web policy agent.

    It asks me “Do you completely agree with all the terms and conditions of this License Agreement (yes/no): [no]:”

    If I answer, “yes” the result is –> Invalid arguments. Installation exit.
    but if I answer “no”, it says You need to accept the License terms and conditions to continue

    I’m stuck. Please help me


    I’m Joel Thompson, and I have 30 years Engineering Experience, and currently I’m a JEE/Security Architect for Kaiser Permanente.
    I’m new to OpenAM, and am excited to learn more about the product.
    I live in No. California, and love the outdoors, and weight-lifting & all exercise – golf/tennis/basketball…etc.
    I look forward to talking w/ everyone.


    Hi All,

    I am new to ForgeRock Identity and management products. I was working on Oracle IDAM products and currently doing POC’s on openam


    Hey Guys,

    I am new to the OpenAM platform. I am interested in learning OpenAM. Can someone provide me a good learning path for me to follow?

    I am currently reading the admin guide..but looking for ideas from pros on how can I get up to the speed.

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     Bill Nelson


    My best advice to you would be to take the first two courses on AM. ForgeRock offers a free 1/2 day class on AM called “ForgeRock Access Management Product Overview” (FR-120). This is a self-paced class that gives you a really good overview of the product. Did I mention that it was free? You just need to have a Backstage account ( to sign up and take the class.

    The more advanced class is the “ForgeRock Access Management: Core Concepts” (AM-400). This class is not free, but it is worth every penny to give you a jump start on the product learning. You can sign up for this class from Backstage as well, or I can help you get enrolled if you need assistance.

    Other than that, the best learning is experience. Once you have the baseline information, install the product 100 times and break it 200 times (or more). That will force you to learn/interact with those channels where you can get more support to address your issues.




    Hello Bowen, I am a new member in this forum. I am from London city and have great experience in IoT.


    Hi ,This is subbu

    I would like to customize OTP Format as

    messageContent=Your OpenAM One Time Password: XXXXXXX This One Time Password will remain valid for 5 minutes

    Here how i can append validity time to SMS text

    Where contains:

    [email protected]
    sunAMAuthHOTPPasswordValidityDuration=5 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>//

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