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     Nigel Elliott

    Hello my name is Nigel and work for a Global Payroll Provider.

    We have a project to setup Identity Management for our applications using the full ForgeRock suite. This includes single sign on, provisioning, self-service, etc.


    Hi Folks,

    I’m Jeremy and I work for a Global Payroll Provider. We are looking at using Forgerock for our SSO/IM solution.

    So far its looking great, but we are hitting up against some questions so I hope you guys out there can help.

    I feel my first real post coming on…



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    Hi, I am new to OpenAM. I have installed a J2EE agent in my app hosted in glassfish 3.1 ( The openam server is running on I have already created a policy and agent profile for the installed agent. However, I am not redirected to openam’s login page whenever I access Then I opened a new window and logged in to openam console. I tried to reload from the other window and found the session cookie from openam. How is that possible that I can access the app (on my first attempt, i.e., before logging in to openam console) without the session cookie? By the way, during installation, I have encountered an error (WARNING: Generic failure from OpenAM server, return code: 501!) during agent installation after entering the password file’s path. I’m using OpenAM version 13. Thank you.


    I am Gadadhar, we are going to use FrogeRock to implement SSO for our ASP.NET Web API(owin hosted). Currently we are using PingFederate. Now I am looking for any stater seed or any sample or any doc from where I can start learning and implement SSO using ForgeRock.

    Thank you!


    Hello all!

    My name is Marco, I’m a world traveler/software engineer who is just about to get started with ForgeRock. When last week the client I worked for told me they needed ForgeRock for a submission, I had never heard the word, neither did anyone in the company. I had to learn everything from nothing and I did so much reading, wikipedia-ing, watching YouTube videos.

    I now have a clearer idea of what is all this and how it works, plus a better idea where to start to develop our PHP client that will connect to the client’s federated identity (But I have to manage to install a sandbox version on our own server before haha).

    I have been working for about 10 years since I finished university, I play Ukulele in my spare time, have my own travel video blog (not for money, just friends and family) and I like my freedom :)

    Signed up on the forums here as I have a feeling I will be digging for answers in previous posts a lot here in the following week.

    Rise And Shine all!


    Hi I am Colin,

    I am an IT professional, working in the field of identity and access management for 7 years. I have previous experience with Forgerock OpenAM but for now my focus is more on Forgerock IM / OpenIDM. I am working on a large scale setup of IDM for a French public establishment. Beside the commercial support I feel some more technical answers may also be found on the forums :-). Who knows I may also be able to contribute to this forum one day.

    Have a nice day,




    My name Dusty Saman. I work for Spencer. We are located in Antwerpen, Belgium. Spencer is a product/integration company. It is also the name of our product. Spencer is an office assistant which helps the employee with all his/her HR related tasks. We need to integrate into numerous third-party systems. We use the Forgerock Suite for this. I’m responsible for the Identity and Access management part of Spencer.



    Hello, this is Tony, from Hong Kong, I am looking for some good friends here.


    Hi All, my friends.

    I have been working in sysops for 15 years. Now I support a OpenDJ installation with more than 2M users.




    My name is Grenville Lock, I am a project manager and consultant on a large full stack deployment for a government organization. While I am generally not technical (previous life), I do try to ensure I understand the concepts and functions of the ForgeRock stack to ensure clients receive their desired outcomes.



    I am Identity and Access Management technical consultant and developer. I have 6+ years of experience with different IAM tools.

    From past 4 months started exploring openIDM and OpenAM. Digging deeper in connectors development for openIDM, OICD configuration.



    New to openam and opendj and looking for insights into to setup both.



    I love this forum.


    Hello Everyone,

    I am an IT professional, working in the field of identity and Access management for 6.5 years. I am looking forward to learn more about Forgerock AM and specifically OpenDJ/Directory Services.



    Hello my name is elvira, I am cyber security content writer

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