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    I would like to known which are the main advantages of the integration of OpenDJ and OpenAM?
    For these integrations, there are two approaches, embedded and external OpenDJ. Do you know which are the main differences, advantages and disadvantages of both?

    Thank you in advance.

     Brad Tumy


    OpenDJ is an LDAP service (session store, user store, configuration directory). As far as your main advantages question … AM needs to have a store layer for sessions, configurations and users. You have the option to use another LDAP or DB for the user store but you need DS (OpenDJ) for session and configuration (this will be changing in future releases, at least for configuration).

    Both embedded and external are full blown instances of DS the main difference is that for external it is deployed to a separate JVM and easier to separately scale. Embedded lives in the same JVM as AM does and can scale along with the AM container (this is generally not used in production for user and session stores).

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