Integrate OpenAM and a Spring / AdobeFlex application.

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    Hello Everybody,

    I’m working on project where i need to replace a homemade authentication/authorization provider with openam. The current application is composed of two projects, the first is a spring project and the other is Flex project.
    in the flex project we have an login page, the login form call a java method and this java method calls a remote soap service.
    i’m wondering what is the best way / strategie to integrate openam as an authentication/authorization provider.

    Many thanks.

     Jamie Bowen

    You could replace the soap call with a call to OpenAM’s rest API to authenticate. I’m not familiar with Flex, so there could possibly be better ways, but maybe someone more familiar with that technology can provide a better answer.

    Good luck!


     Rogerio Rondini


    I did not understand what is the correlation between the spring project and flex project. By your description I agree with Jamie, i.e, you can replace the SOAP call to OpenAM REST call.


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