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    I am working on OpenAM install Configuration. I follow this document While install OpenAM Web Policy Agent follow this Command:

    $ ./agentadmin –i

    After It Ask fore License: i give Yes,
    then, Ask

    Enter the complete path to the httpd.conf file which is used by Apache HTTP
    Server to store its configuration.
    [ q or ‘ctrl+c’ to exit ]
    Configuration file [/opt/apache/conf/httpd.conf]:

    I given

    But, its throw

    Error: invalid server configuration file /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf.]
    Please try again.

    Suggest me Which Apache2 Configuration File I need to use. and Why , I given File Not Accepted.



    can you try giving it untill the folder where it has httpd.conf init

    ex: /etc/apache2



    Hello Gbadamosi,

    Thanks, After I install, apache webserver using httpd.tar.gz file , its working fine, before i install using command(apt-get install apache2), some one suggest me , you need to install apache 2 usign tar.gz file, after that, i fixed.


    You can not install WebAgent with apache2 which you obtained via apt-get instell apache2 because the new 2.4 apache has different httpd.conf file, which is split into two with Listen port set in a separate port.conf file.

    However if you download apache2 code and build the httpd.conf file comes out same as with the old apache 2.2 version and so you can install your Web Agent.

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