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    Hi Ludo,

    Could you please suggest the optimal index entry limit that I can have for corporate data (~300,000 to 500,000). Does it depends on total data or the data returned in search filter?

    e.g. Can I modify the entry limit say up to 200,000 for some attribute in filter if COUNT is 133,310 in order to avoid [NOT-INDEXED] or [LIMIT-EXCEEDED] search? or It is better to perform non indexed search instead.

    Could you please suggest or share a link where I can read more for optimal values for Index-Entry-Limit.

    Saurabh Chaturvedi

     Mark Craig

    The draft docs on Understanding Index Entry Limits were recently improved.

    I would not generally recommend changing the index-entry-limit setting.

    There is, however, an example in that section of the new documentation that shows setting a higher limit on objectClass if you have more than 4000 groups. 133,310 groups would seem like a lot for 500,000, but if that is your use case, then you probably do want to set a higher limit on objectClass as in the example.

    Otherwise, other use cases are that the application performing an unindexed search:

    • Needs to get a list of some large portion of the directory entries
    • Uses an ineffective search filter

    If the application needs to get a list of a large portion of directory entries, its search is likely to hit resource limits, such as the default size-limit that prevents more than 1000 entries being returned to a search. Consider searches like this special cases. It doesn’t really make sense to maintain extra long index lists just for this one case.

    If the application has an ineffective search filter, either you can fix the search filter or you can’t fix it. If you can fix the search filter, do that first. If you cannot fix the search filter, then you must decide whether you want to work around it by raising a index-entry-limit setting, or to work around it by assigning the unindexed-search privilege to the application.

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