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    Hi Ludo,

    Could you please suggest the optimal index entry limit that I can have for corporate data (~300,000 to 500,000). Does it depends on total data or the data returned in search filter?

    e.g. Can I modify the entry limit say up to 200,000 for some attribute in filter if COUNT is 133,310 in order to avoid [NOT-INDEXED] or [LIMIT-EXCEEDED] search? or It is better to perform non indexed search instead.

    Could you please suggest or share a link where I can read more for optimal values for Index-Entry-Limit.

    Saurabh Chaturvedi


    Hi Saurabh,

    See the chapter Changing Index Entry Limits in the Admin Guide.
    I strongly recommend to be very cautious when changing this value and only do it after careful analysis.
    The bigger the index-entry-limits, the more data will be loaded and written to disk on single updates to the DB (add, delete, modify) which can be quite expensive.

    For a more complete view, you may look at Ludo’s post:


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