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    could you guys please elaborate how a use persistent in-memory attributes and access them from different scripts? I generate an attribute value in managed object’s onCreate and would like a access this value in the provisioning’s situational event scripts. This value should be per managed object entry, not a global value.


    I am not totally clear on what you are trying to do, maybe an example would help in providing you other options.
    But in terms of reading the managed object from a situational event script, you can use the openidm API i.e var myuser =‘managed/user/’ + <id>); var myattr = myuser.firstName;
    If it’s not something you want to save as part of user info permanently, you could create a different managed object and have it related with your managed user object. An example would be how managedobject and managedobjectproperties are related in the managed.json file.

    Per doc, you can read off of many different resource and not just managed objects i.e roles, config, external targets etc.



    For example: source._id – id from connector;
    target._id – id from IDM.


    A very simplified example of what I am trying to do would be as follows:
    onCreate script: var generatedValue = “…”;
    situational event script: Read generatedValue and do whatever.

    I think Ssripathy was kind of on the track there. Is another temporary managed object only way to do this?

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