I’m trying to link ActiveMQ with openIDM

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    I’m trying to link ActiveMQ with OpenIDM using Groovy poolable connector. Is this the right way to do? If not then what’s the alternative approach… also I’m new to openIDM and groovy… can anyone post the step by step approach and sample groovy scripts to do that please


    Depends on what you want to accomplish. I regularly send messages to a queue when certain events in OpenIDM trigger, that’s simple and does not require a connector at all. Just calling the java-code from javascript.
    Having OpenIDM listening to activemq and reacting to messages is a different story.


    I’m not using OpenIDM for audit purposes. I need OpenIDM to act as a provider. If I create/update a user detail that should be reflected on the external resource. ActiveMQ will be in between OpenIDM and the external resource.

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