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    Hello All,

    I am configuring yet another proof of concept to test IG as a PEP to protect an api.

    I have set up everything according to the guide.

    When I try to access my test api, I get redirected to the AM login page where after a successful login having obtained the cookie it goes into a loop once you are sent to the api page to get the content.

    What could be causing this?

    The policy agent is not installed on IG.

    Thanks a lot in advance,

     Joachim Andres

    Hi Bertalan,

    Both AM and IG need to be on the same cookie domain (e.g. am.example.com and ig.exmaple.com). I suspect that AM does not set a domain cookie for example.com but a host cookie for am.example.com. In this case the cookie is never received by IG.
    Setting by default a host-based cookie was a change of default behaviour in a recent AM release. AM used to set domain-based cookies.

    To verify, with AM 5 and later console, navigate to: Configure > Global Services > Platform > Cookie Domains. Coming back to the example above, it should say example.com.
    Also see : https://backstage.forgerock.com/knowledge/kb/article/a19829000#hostbased

    One other thing, for API protection, you should look at the OAuth2ResourceServerFilter . Most of the time clients to APIs cannot “digest” re-directs and such and OAuth2 is often more appropriate.



    Thanks a lot Joachim, everything is now working as expected.
    Also thanks for the advice about OAuth2.


    One sideeffect, I can no longer log in into the OpenAM gui.
    Is it possible to recover from that without having to reinstall?

     Joachim Andres

    That should not be the case. IG and AM are well on the same domain ? I suppose you have restarted the browser after making the change in AM.


    Hi, thanks again.
    Ended up rebuilding only to encounter the same problem.
    I then restarted the browser.
    Yes, they are on the same domain.
    All is well now.
    Thanks a lot once more.

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