If one mapping fails, the others don't run

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    I have several mappings from “managed/user” to “system/X” and the problem is if one of the mappings fails (because of a foreign key or an atribute contains “ilegal” characters on the resource) the following mappings don’t run and what I want is run all mappings even if one fails.

    I’ve seen the compensate.json but it’s not what I want.

    I tried to run a script on the behaviors tab in each mapping something like this:

    var action=’UPDATE’;
    console.log(‘Error: ‘+e);

    But I can’t catch the error so the other mappings break if one mapping fails if they are after the failed mapping.

    So what I’ve decided is set the action to ASYNC to keep running the other mappings but make a openidm.update() and catch it:

    var action=’ASYNC’;
    //target is not what I expected, target is the same as openidm.read(‘/system/XXX/account/’ + target._id);
    openidm.update(‘system/XXX/account/’ + target._id,null,target);
    console.log(‘Error ‘+err);

    The idea is working as I expected. The problem is that the target object contain only the read object of the resource. It doesn’t have the attributes that are in the mapping.

    My question is: How can I transform the target object with the propertties in the mapping?


     Jake Feasel

    What version of OpenIDM are you seeing that in?


    HI @jake-feasel,

    I see this in 4.0 version and also in the 5.0-snapshot that is not actually in the web.

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    Hi @jake-feasel,

    I’m trying to create a new topic but when I submit the topic it disappears.

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