IDM forgerock is too slow, cannot reconcile with data over 2M record!

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    I have about > 30 systems, with master main system about 2M users.
    It tooks ~1 day by reconciliation the master source.

    But, when mapping with another system, it did NOT work.. just display “In Progress: querying sets of entries to reconcile” for a several day, and not response any thing others (mapping about 100K user more).

    I also not get any error/warning log. And I tried it many many time… (with too much changing of configuration).

    If I also try to delete almost my data, keep each system are around 1000 users it works enough good.
    But, with real full data it’s failed since the starting of 2nd system…

    Please help.
    IDM is work well with up to limit of how many records.

    Tks so much

     Bill Nelson 

    @tupn you really did not provide any information for anyone to be able to provide you with any advice at all. What version of IDM are you running? What OS is it installed on? How much memory have you allocated to your IDM instance? What type of resource(s) are you trying to reconcile with? How are you identifying users on the resource(s) you are trying to reconcile with? Do you have any validSource/validTarget filters defined? Have you turned up logging verbosity and if so, what do your logs show?

    So yeah, a little more information would be helpful.


    I use IDM 6.5 with MySQL repository. Hardware CPU 8 cores / RAM 8G on Centos 7.
    But, Hardware is not important for this issue.

    When I reconciling the second source, The CPU just takes < 5%, memory about 10%.
    I think, It’s not work really in my case (cannot run out of “querying sets of entries to reconcile” status).

    How to delete cache to run it again as a new configuration?

    Pls help.
    Thanks so much

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