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    Hello, a query, I have idm 6.5 configured with a DB as a repository.
    When making the changes, these only impact the DB.
    Checking the documentation, I have not found how to make a backup of this, is there a command to do it? I pass it from the DB to json for example.
    Thanks in advance

     Bill Nelson

    You have options.

    The default repo is a ForgeRock Directory Server instance. As such, you can use the native DS commands found in the /path/to/install/db/openidm/opendj/bin folder. This includes the following pertinent commands: backup, restore, export-ldif, import-ldif. Take a look at the DS documentation for more information on these commands.

    If you chose to use a DB repo (MySQL, Oracle, etc.) you will need to use their native backup/restore tools as ForgeRock doesn’t provide a command that can be executed which can simply dump all database objects (even with the

    One way you “could” dump the database using the existing “out of the box” install would be to ignore the repo type and simply extract all the data for a particular object, you will need to perform a GET against all objects of that type. This will require you to use a particular _queryId or _queryFilter in order to obtain this information and will be subject to the default and user-specific visibility associated with that object (as defined by the managed.json and access.js). You would need to repeat the process for each object type you want exported.

    Finally, you “could” create your own _queryIds in the repo.jdbc.json file which perform queries against various types of objects (based on their tables) or use joins to combine them together in some fashion.

    There may be other options, but suffice to say, FR doesn’t provide a solution to make a backup of the DB directly from IDM.




    Thanks @Bill Nelson for the reply.

    I think I’m wrong, we don’t want to make a backup of the IDM repository DB.
    Rather, the configurations made in an IDM environment that has a DB as a repository, take these configurations to another environment. Passage between the environment from DEV to QA, for example.
    If we had the configurations (mappings, scripts, etc.) in the JSON files, we would upload it to an SVN or GIT and download it in the other environment. In the case of a DB, we only have the changes in the DB.
    In the documentation it mentions the change by console or via rest, via rest I only have the post operation, so it would serve me to deploy a new connector. But how do I update it, would it be a manual operation?

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