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     Jason R


    Looking at the IDM Connector Reference Doc, Chapter 17 Office 365 Connector

    I find this confusing and misleading, it says “The Office 365 connector is deprecated and support for its use with IDM will be discontinued in a future release” (emphasis mine)

    This makes is sound like the connector is still available and supported. Where as I needed to look at the release notes to see that it was deprecated in

    Another thing that makes it confusing is that if it is already deprecated, then chapter 17 should not contain the details and sub sections for Implementation Specifics and OpenICF Interfaces Implemented etc. Ideally Chapter 17 would not exist at all, and the Powershell Connector chapter would reference Office365 (so people searching documentation for O365 can find it easily)


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    Hi Jason

    Thanks for your feedback.

    In the ForgeRock docs, we make a distinction between “deprecated” and “removed” functionality.
    (See the definitions here

    In IDM 6.5, the O365 connector was indeed deprecated, but still supported, so the docs needed to be there.

    In IDM 7, we have actually *removed* support for the connector, and it is listed in the “Discontinued” section of our Release Notes.

    The chapter is also removed from the Connectors Guide in the 7.0 docs.

    Would it help if we linked to the Stability label definitions wherever we use the term “deprecated”?


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