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    Hi all,

    What’s the best way to run simple aggregation queries in an IDM prod environment?

    For example, if I wanted a count of all users with accountStatus of active.

    In SQL, this would be something like:
    S3LECT COUNT(userName) FROM user WHERE accountStatus = 'active'; (had to misspell ‘SELECT’ due to the WAF on this forum)

    I’ve experimented with the API using _queryFilter to get these results, then pulling out the ‘resultCount’ attribute, but it’s returning the data itself as well (which I don’t need or want) and when the record count is high, it takes a long time and often just falls over.


    $ curl \
    >   --header "X-OpenIDM-Username: openidm-admin" \
    >   --header "X-OpenIDM-Password: $password" \
    >   "http://idm.lab.local:9080/openidm/managed/user/?_queryFilter=accountStatus+eq+'active'&_fields=userName&_prettyPrint=true"
      "result" : [ {
        "_id" : "4e90351b-...d83",
        "_rev" : "00000000d83627e3",
        "userName" : "example_user_01"
      } ],
      "resultCount" : 1,
      "pagedResultsCookie" : null,
      "totalPagedResultsPolicy" : "NONE",
      "totalPagedResults" : -1,
      "remainingPagedResults" : -1


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