Howto trigger an event if assignment or role is changed

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    Hi @ all

    goal is to inform the user once if his assigments/Roles (rights for an application) is changed.This should be a mail ala: “Dear user, ther is a new right assignet to you. If you got to you can now order all pizza free of charge. Greetings your Support Team”

    (after the second pizza the right should removed with a mail “dear user – you are to expensive. pizzaright was canceled” ;)

    i tried to achieve this with the on assigment/unasigment scripts. But this scripts are triggered each time an assignment is reconfigured or a recon is running. This would be a little bit to much information for the user ;)

    Next idea was not to send mails with this scripts and only set a flag on the managed user object (assignment changed = true with date and time) and send the mails with a shedulled task. But same problem – every taskrun mails are send …

    @now i have only one idea left:
    – on every sync store all assigment-ids as array in a separate userattribute “oldassignments”
    – compare this array with effectiveAssignments if there are changes between the syncs (if (change) {inform user})

    has anyone a better idea or solution for this?


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