How to use –sortOrder with Json Attribute on LDAP


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    I have a set of Entries in LDAP, each entry has an attribute is Json format as sample bellow:


    My question is how to use ldapsearch with --sortOder to sort with user-custom-atts's attribute?.

    I already try with ldapsearch --baseDn ou=people,ou=sampel01,ou=identities --bindPassword password --sortOrder "user-custom-attrs:caseIgnoreJsonQueryMatch:=/category" --simplePageSize 10 --countEntries "(uid=*leonidas*)" but DS server said that “Unable to process the provided server-side sort request control because it references undefined ordering matching rule caseIgnoreJsonQueryMatch:=/category”


    @ludo hope you can help me, ty sir



    To be able to sort, you need an ordering matching rule. caseIgnoreJsonQueryMatch is a equality rule.

    There is an example of the use of a Json ordering rule in our documentation:

    --sortOrder +jsonToken:extensibleJsonOrderingMatch:true:true:/category is like to achieve what you need.

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