How to route inbound requests to AM “RADIUS Server” on a CDK/AKS Deployment?

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    I have successfully deployed ForgeRock (CDK) on Azure and have enabled the RADIUS server per the instructions HERE. That was the easy part…

    I now can’t figure out how to test this and where to send my RADIUS requests (udp/1812) so that it actually hits the AM RADIUS service? Is there any documented procedure or script to configure this? Can I modify the same ingress gateway (and leverage the same externally accessible DNS alias) or do I need to set up a new public IP for this use case?

    Thanks in advance for any guidance…note that this is for lab testing only at this stage so any “quick hacks” are extremely welcome. :)

     Warren Strange

    You will want to create a Kubernetes service of type “LoadBalancer” that targets the AM backend/port. This will give you an external TCP IP address that routes all TCP (including UDP) to that AM port.


    Thanks!!! This helped immensely – I created a Kubernetes “LoadBalancer” service for RADIUS on udp/1812 and all looks good on the Azure side (public IP and ingress forwarding rule as expected), and on the Kubernetes the service correctly points to the backend AM port. A single command appeared to have resolved this!!!

    Having said that – my RADIUS requests are timing out with no response from the server…

    Where do I enable and access the RADIUS debugging logs on the AM server, and how do I map RADIUS requests to a specific journey that I’ve configured in the ForgeRock GUI?

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