How to manage OpenAM SSO cookie? Which it's the best way?

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    Hi, finally I was able to set OpenAM (as IDP and as SP) + OpenDJ together. So now I can do SSO with my users on the LDAP, but on the next step that I want to do I’m a bit confused.

    On my web (created with Django) that OpenAM redirects after the correct SSO I have certain content that I want to protect, so my question is: How I can check or manage the cookie that OpenAM creates after doing the SSO? I want to check the cookie to allow access and see the protected content and if it failed don’t allow the access to some sites of my web.

    I have read some doc pages: Dev Guide and Rest services but I don’t know if this pages are for the OpenAM authentication or works also with the SSO authentication.

    Moreover, on Firefox, after being redirected to my web when the SSO succeed if I go to Tools > Page Info > COokies, there isn’t any cookie :/

    Can someone help me with this doubt? Thanks.

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