How to make custom queries to a jdbc repository via IDM?

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    a requirement is to safe data to a explicit table in the external jdbc repository of our IDM.
    I know there are some predefined query in the repo.jdbc.json, but there are no “insert” examples to insert an entry in a custom Table.

    Is there a way to make it with IDM or do i have to use a custom Database connection und a query?


    If the table is appropriately mapped as an explicit mapping, you can just call create on that resource (i.e. the appropriate PUT or POST if done via http). Make sure the user is authorized for that operation on that resource.

    If that doesn’t fit your needs for some reason, you can define predefined, parameterized commands, see the section on “Running Queries and Commands on the Repository” in the integrator’s guide


    Is there a exapmle for the openidm.create() method? in groovy?

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