How to implement API whitelisting with IG?

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    I’d like to implement API whitelisting with IG. Preferably using an external file containing a list of allowed URI’s.

    I’ve played around with properties but it seems they are not evaluated in a route condition. For example the following does not work on IG 6.5.

      "properties" : {
          "allowed": {
              "/some/uri1": "ok",
              "/some/uri2": "ok"
      "condition": "${ == '' and allowed[request.uri.path] == 'ok'}",
      "handler": {
        "type": "Chain",



    Hello Andrew,

    It looks like you just hit a bug!
    I created OPENIG-3609. Indeed, it seems that we can’t access properties in route condition when the properties are defined in the route.
    However, if you declare your properties in a config.json, you should be able to use them in the route condition.


    Thanks Violette. I’m now trying to load properties from a file into config.json and use them in the route, however it is also giving me an error:

    [http-nio-8180-exec-1] WARN  org.forgerock.openig.el.Expression @system - An error occurred while evaluating the expression ${ == '' and uris.allowed-uris['one'] == 'ok'}
    javax.el.ELException: Cannot coerce 'ok' of class java.lang.String to class java.lang.Long (incompatible value)
    	at de.odysseus.el.misc.TypeConverterImpl.coerceToLong(

    In config.json I have:

    "properties" : {
        "uris": { "$location": "${fileToUrl(openig.configDirectory)}/" }

    The file has:

      "allowed-uris": {
        "one": "ok"

    And the route condition is:
    "condition": "${ == '' and uris.allowed-uris['one'] == 'ok'}"

    Could please let me know if what I’ve done above should work?

    I also used a HeaderFilter to check the value of the the expression uris.allowed-uris[‘one’] and it is returning a value of 0.

    Also with a bit more experimentation I observed that a simple value in config.json will work, for example, if the properties are:

      "properties" : {
        "allowed-uris": {"one": "ok"},
        "allowed": "ok"

    then the expression ${allowed == ‘ok’} returns true.


    It seems that Juel does not like the - in the named properties, it interprets it as a number. Remove the dashes from the properties names and it should solve the issue.
    Moreover, rename the file into allowed-openam-apis.json as .properties files are interpreted/read differently.
    Otherwise, it should work!

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