How to get user details after Social Authentication using Microsoft

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    Please anyone help me on below, We have configured the Social Authentication using Microsoft. But after authentication when try to get the user details using /users endpoint its just returning the username. How we will get all the details as per the attribute mapping. Below flags are enabled

    Save attributes in the session : Checked
    Create account if it does not exist : Unchecked

    on debug log I can see

    Profile Svc response: { “id”: “78a2bf36aerewrfd7d05f”, “name”: “Biswajit Sahoo”, “first_name”: “Biswajit”, “last_name”: “Sahoo”, “link”: “”, “gender”: null, “emails”: { “preferred”: “[email protected]”, “account”: “[email protected]”, “personal”: null, “business”: null }, “locale”: “en_GB”, “updated_time”: null}

    attributes = {uid=[[email protected]], cn=[Biswajit Sahoo], sn=[Sahoo], mail=[[email protected]], givenName=[Biswajit]}

    Login URL :
    Getting user from session after login :

    When retriving user details , its just returning userName.
    curl -k –header “MySSOToken: AQIC5wM2LY4SfcxV_s1oJD-OnyXzVEwNn5nJ3vl3If-rp1o.*AAJTSQACMDIAAlNLABM2NTg3OTQ4MzU1NzczNTMyMzQ5AAJTMQACMDE.*”[email protected]
    {“username”:”[email protected]”,”realm”:”/broker”,”roles”:[“ui-self-service-user”]}

    If I enable the “Create account if it does not exist” , then above endpoint returning all the values. But as per our requirement we will store the data on openidm once the custom attribute is validate by the application.

    Can it possible to get all the user details (what is received from social site) using any FR endpoint after the SSOToken is created ?

    Biswajit Sahoo


    Thanks, I am able to get the details from session using /sessions?_action=getProperty and the session whitelist service under relam.


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