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    In a Oauth2 client credential flow, I use a curl command and get a token from the server. My command like this:

    curl –request POST –data “grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=le-test-client&client_secret=password&scope=read” “”

    Then I add a parameter like this:

    curl –request POST –data “grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=le-test-client&client_secret=password&scope=profile&uid=user.1” “”

    And now I want to add the uid inside the JWT token, I stuck on how to extract the data from my request in the OAuth2 Access Token Modification Script. In the defined variables of this script I don’t find request, and have no idea how to create a variable that refer to my request.

     Jatinder Singh


    You can define a custom scope validator that extends from OpenAMScopeValidator and add additional claims to your Access Token in the additionalDataToReturnFromTokenEndpoint method.

    Hope this helps!


    Yes, I think it’s a good way to solve my problem, thanks for your help

    Best & Thanks

     Jatinder Singh

    Np :) Glad it helped!

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