How to get OpenAM 12.x to work with IE8

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    It’s not as hard as you might think to get basic login working – just 3 small changes and compile the styles.less into styles.css with node-less (or maven plugin)

    We found some of our customers still had a hard requirement for IE8. I realize IE8 is not supported in 12.x and that IE8 after January 16, 2016 will not be supported by Microsoft (except on some embedded OS versions). I am opening this ticket because we figure out how to get it to work!

    The change in AppConfiguration.js was just changing the order the routes were listed. Common has to be 1st

    The change in UIUtils.js was a for loop that was using for(x in y) {..} where Y is an array – bad construct there, changed to for(i=0;i<y.length;++i)

    The change in ThemeManager was to check for the document.createSyleSheet function and if present – add css/styles.css. You have to pre-compile the styles.less with node-less lessc compiler – but that’s all.

    To get it to work I had to use the main.js that is not minified/compressed version so it pulls in the 3 changed files.

    I noticed online several people wanting to get login with IE8 working – so the above may be of some help. Feel free to use the changes.



    can you share the files, and list the full path of the files please . I can not figure out which file and what changes I need


    Unix/Linux has the handy find command – windows has a similar capability – well worth learning how to use.

    $ find . -name styles.less
    $ find . -name AppConfiguration.js
    $ find . -name UIUtils.js
    $ find . -name ThemeManager.js
    $ find . -name main.js

    All of these files in un-minified form can be dowloaded from ForgeRock in the source package. Of course if you have customized the UI and are using themes and realms, your exact changes may differ. How do use node-less is information readily available online if you search for it. Changes required you have good knowledge of how style sheets work and Javascript. If you look in these files for the things I have indicated it should be pretty obvious if you know Javascript and understand how these components function.



    I can find files, however it is not clear what the changes are for each file, can you provide in details please.

    I can see IE8 complains problems with requirejs-2.1.14-min.js when I go to XUI/#login page

    are the fix will resolve login and forgot password page?

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