How to find Shared State Object Name?

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    Is there a way to find the list of available Shared State Object Names in an Authentication Tree? For example, I have an HOTP Auth Tree and I would like to know what Shared State Object Name for the generated OTP value so that I can retrieve and use it.

    Thanks for the help.


     Jatinder Singh

    Looking at the source code for HOTP, the value is not saved in shared state. It is forwarded to HOTPService for sending it to a user via SMSGateway.

    You can get access to shared state using the variable sharedState. And if you log shared state variable, it will print all of its k-v pairs to give you an idea of what it contains.

     Scott Heger

    Attaching your IDE to a debugger and watching while executing the flow lets you see what all you have access to.

     Andrew Potter

    This community node is ideal for debugging sharedState data – it logs out the current information to a debug file, optionally including Transient state: Debug node

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