How to downgrade connector bundle?

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     Jason R


    I have a bug/issue in OpenIDM 7.0.1 – with the google apps connector

    When trying to read accounts (or any data) on the ‘data’ tab in the connector, IDM has the following error in Std Out

    -> [180] Sep 25, 2020 1:37:00.838 PM org.forgerock.http.servlet.HttpFrameworkServlet service
    SEVERE: Throwable caught – rootId:3686fe08-b5d6-47dc-9bd8-b78c817ff651-8447
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: io/opencensus/trace/propagation/TextFormat$Setter

    When I use Open IDM v 6.5 (google apps connector v, I dont have this error when reading data/accounts from google connector

    I would like to try downgrade the connector in IDM 7 to see if this helps. I tried replacing the jar file in the connectors folder, but that didnt work.


     Jatinder Singh

    The dependencies for the Google connector in v6.5 may be different from the version shipped in v7. I suggest comparing the MANIFEST.MF to ensure you have all the dependencies available for v1.4.4.0.


    ForgeRock Architect/Developer
    Sqoop Data

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