How to disable/clean-up Replication servers which are down or terminated

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    I am having few queries related to Replication server clean-up. I went through lot of OpenAM/OpenDJ documentation but couldn’t get much help.

    Here is how my set-up looks:
    We have multi-server OpenAM set-up where each OpenAM instance using embedded OpenDJ. When we launch second OpenAM instance, we provide first instance as replication source (host1). We are using single domain for replication. This set-up works well in normal condition. However, we have also enabled Auto Scaling in/out wherein we launch or terminate openam instances at will. Also the OpenAM instance host names are dynamic. So when our infrastructure scales in we terminate one or more openam instances but we do not perform any clean-up for these terminated instances from OpenAM Site or OpenDJ replication server configuration.

    When I list the replication servers using dsconfig I get the following. However actually only 2 of these 3 instances are active.

    Replication Server : replication-server-id : replication-port : replication-server
    replication-server : 28648 : 50889 :,,

    Now when we scale out again, a new instance is launched, we provide any of the active OpenAM instance as replication server (host1) and new instance try to replicate the data from that active instance. So here we are not keeping any one instance as a reference but we assume over the time all servers would hold same data.

    Now the questions-
    1. How to cleanup the old replication servers. dsreplication supports disable command but for that (I guess) the server must be alive and listening on admin port (4444). In our case we don’t know when the server will be terminated (based on scale-in policy). Can we remove/disable the replication server after its terminated?
    3. Does stale or not reachable replication hosts cause any problem in data replication?



    We have the same request. We use Opendj on Docker container via AWS Elastic Beanstalk. So we have a dynamic scaling and we don’t know how to clean all replication server deleted …

    Do you have more information ?



    A while ago I wrote a blog post to describe how to remove stopped replicas from a topology :
    This is still valid with 2.6 and 3.0

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