How to deploy CDM release/6.5.2 with private IPs?

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    There are numerous resources with public IPs created in CDM release/6.5.2.
    How can they be deployed with private IPs?
    I can certainly slog through this process, but hoping there is something a little more turn key?
    There is also code that leave 3 ports open to in:


    Tried changing to my public IP, but this is a breaking change in
    (Can’t detect the public IPs anymore)

     Volker Scheuber


    does this address the concern:

    or are you asking the CDM to lock down in other ways?


    It may be part of the answer in that we can limit access.
    But I would think the cluster and worker node don’t need public IPs.
    At least AWS agrees with this assessment at least generically for the EKS service.
    Not sure about compatibility with CDM.
    I am testing this additional controller.service parameter.

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