how to custom a HTTP header to an web application

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    I want to send a custom HTTP header to an agent protected application when policy evaluation was successful.
    Appreciate for any help.


    You can simply define the customized header as the instruction in the Profile Attributes Processing (or other Attributes Processing section) as instructed in the screen

    Maps the profile attributes to be populated under specific names for the currently authenticated user. (property name: com.sun.identity.agents.config.profile.attribute.mapping)
    Hot-swap: Yes
    To populate the value of profile attribute cn under name CUSTOM-Common-Name: enter cn in Map Key field, and enter CUSTOM-Common-Name in Corresponding Map Value field.
    To populate the value of profile attribute mail under name CUSTOM-Email: enter mail in Map Key field, and enter CUSTOM-Email in Corresponding Map Value field.

    i.e, you have LDAP attribute such as uid and you want to return to the application as SSO_UID, you simply add the followig mapping





    Thanks for your help.
    I tested the solution and it worked well.
    However, when I was trying to map one key to multiple values,it failed.
    For example,
    [cn] = test1
    [cn] = test2
    [cn] = test3…
    I cannot save the configuration with an error alert:
    Plug-in com.sun.identity.idim.plugins.internal.AgetnsRepo:Error while setting attributes for agentonly=WebAgent
    Is there any solution?

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