How to create new schema elements (object classes and attributes types)

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    There’re any tutorial to explain how can i create ‘object classes’ and ‘attributes types’ on DS 6.5 from command line?

    I’d like to import by command line a ldif file which have the following structure:

    dn: cn=schema
    objectClass: subschema
    objectClass: ldapSubentry
    objectClass: top
    cn: schema
    objectClasses: ( test-user-oid NAME 'test-user' SUP inetOrgPerson STRUCTURAL MUST (test-status $ description) MAY ( test-lang $ ds-pwp-password-policy-dn $ test-modificationUserId  ) )
    modifyTimestamp: 20130411155332Z
    attributeTypes: ( test-visible-startDate-oid NAME 'test-visible-startDate' EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch ORDERING caseIgnoreOrderingMatch SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch SYNTAX USAGE userApplications )
    ds-sync-state: 00000131f62eceea0a4000000001
    ds-sync-generation-id: 8408
    modifiersName: cn=Directory Manager,cn=Root DNs,cn=config

    From what i read we need to create a ldap file like this:

    attributetype ( 
            NAME 'test-user' 
            DESC 'test'
            EQUALITY integerMatch
    objectclass ( 
            NAME 'ship'
            DESC 'test' 
            SUP top 
            MUST cn 
            MAY ( test-user $ description ) 

    and apply the slaptest cmd.

    Can you help me please?

    PS- I’ve a oid with characters (on custom schema elements on openDJ 2.6.4). The migration to OpenDS 6.5 with the upgrade command will translate the oid to the correct syntax (only numbers and dot) ?


     Rob Matthews


    The process for adding custom objectclasses/attributes is in the admin guide available on backstage –

    You do not need to use the slaptest command, if you import the schema changes with ldapmodify DS will make sure the entries are acceptable, also, if you need to restart DS at any point keep an eye on the output while it starts up as it will report any schema issues here.

    DS won’t convert incorrect schema, it will warn you that it is incorrect and that you need to correct it. Setup a DS6.5 environment and try to import your custom schema using ldapmodify and it will warn you if it is incorrect. If you need to you can import without schema checking, but this is only recommended short term to give you time to rectify any issues.



    Thanks =)

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