How to check if replication is up?

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    If the replication service goes down you can not do writes to the DS and I while I could potentially use that to make sure that everything works as it should I would like to avoid writing as that is expensive. Instead I have been looking into a read av “cn=Replication,cn=monitor”. Is there anything there that could tell me if the replication service is up or not?

    Btw, to test the solution to my problem I would need to manually stop the replication service. How would I do that?

    Can I check this entry?:

    `dn:cn=Replication server RS(4149) <host>,cn=cn_admin data,cn=Replication,cn=monitor
    objectClass: top
    cn: Replication server RS(4149) <host>
    replication-server-id: 4149
    replication-server-port: 8991
    domain-name: cn=admin data
    generation-id: cn=admin data 165740
    missing-changes: 1

    But would this entry still exist if the replication service went down?


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    • This topic was modified 4 years ago by Ludo.


    When you enable replication by default, the replication service is started in the same JVM, same process.
    It is not expected that the replication service would go “down”.

    With the recent versions of Directory Services, you can suspend/resume replication without un-configuring it, so that could give you an option to test.

    But I don’t think there is a way to find its status from the Monitoring information.
    I will look into this as it seems that it’s something that could be useful.


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