how to change string datatype to json datatype in DS

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    We have few json data are stored on string data type (SYNTAX field on DJ 3.5. Could it possible to change the data type of those fields to json datatype (SYNTAX



    Hello, is binary syntax, i.e. not what you want.
    Json syntax is only implemented since 4.0 if I remember correctly. The OID is

    Are the current data using a valid JSON format?

    In that case it is possible to change the schema without problem. Note that you may also have to change the equality matching rule: to EQUALITY caseIgnoreJsonQueryMatch.



    The syntax is Binary, and not related to JSON datatypes.
    Changing the syntax for an existing attribute is possible but not recommended.
    There could be side effects such as requiring to rebuild indexes if there are any index, but also possibly the inability to delete specific values (if they are not fully compliant with the JSON syntax).


    Thanks Jean-Noel and Ludo,

    Sorry wrongly copy/paste the OID for json. yes the correct one is
    Yes our data is valid json format and currently no index is defined for those data.

    So if we change the datatype on this data set. does you see any impact? or its recommend to continue using on the string datatype?


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