How to call /oauth2/userinfo , /oauth2/connect/checkSession , endSession

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    Can anyone help how to call these rest apis, on openam document only the endpoint mention. But there is nothing specified how to use them and what are the parameter it accept.

    /oauth2/connect/checkSession , endSession

    I got the Id_token and able to validate using idtokeninfo, but unable to find the option to get the userinfo from Id_token. Is there anyway we can able to find the access_token and refresh_token from Id_token

    if anyone point to any document or example it will be very helpful.

    Biswajit Sahoo

     Scott Heger

    OpenAM adheres to the specifications for OAuth/OpenID Connect and therefore you would need to consult the specification documentation of those to get the details on calling those endpoints.


    Thanks for your reply. I’m working on the below use case where we are stuck.

    Use Case follows below
    Scenario : User authentication –> Select profile –> Include the selected profile in OIDC Token –> Present to Target System
    We have constructed the user authentication module in OpenAM, however we hanven’t connected to any backend system for profile reference.
    From the documentation I understand that for OIDC token, claims can be referenced to datastore defined in the OpenAM but in this case, we have to connect to legacy system to get the profile and include in OIDC token. Do you have any suggestions or solution for this?



    Try below for userinfor. You need to pass access_token as Authorization header to get userInfo.
    curl -X POST -H “Authorization: Bearer a126bbee-cc13-4c3e-a5fc-2eed641865bc” -d ” -k -v

    checkSession was removed from latest versions. See below for workaround.

    curl -X GET token

    GET /openam/oauth2/connect/endSession?id_token_hint=id_token


    Thanks for the details

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