How LiveSync from managed/user?

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    How configure livesync for update object in remote system.
    If i configure livesync as
    “enabled” : true,
    “type” : “cron”,
    “schedule” : “0 0/1 * * * ?”,
    “concurrentExecution” : false,
    “invokeService” : “provisioner”,
    “invokeContext” : {
    “action” : “liveSync”,
    “source” : “managed/user”

    in log “system/managed/user is not available”
    sheduler put system in path to user and livesync not work.

    In idealy need manage user from openidm, and changed user automaticaly updated in remotely systems.

     Tom Wood


    liveSync is only used for changes made in a remote system to either a managed object or another remote resource. When a managed object is updated, an implicit synchronisation is executed which will push those changes out to any defined remote systems.

    This is described in further detail within various sections of the Integrator’s Guide, although I would recommend starting here.

     Bill Nelson

    @tom-wood is correct, except that he spelled synchronization incorrectly. ;-)

    The purpose of livesync is to detect changes on an external system and bring those changes into OpenIDM. As such, you can only run livesync against a remote system (i.e. system/LDAP/account) not the other way around (managed/user).

    If changes are made to the managed/user object, then that is where implicit sync comes into play. It is enabled by default and will automatically push changes from the managed/user to any remote systems once the managed object changes. If you have implicit sync turned off (i.e. “enableSync” : false), then you would need to run recon to push your changes from the managed/user to a system object.

    @tom-wood, do you run spell checker before posting. Geesh. ;-)

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