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    My group have so many micro-service,and so many applications.Now ,we login with cas to implemnet unified login.I know openam have sso,but I want use openam’s AM function.I want to build our policy to realize authority verification.

    I learn some doucument,but I don’t know my group need to do?

    I have some question:
    1.doucument learn me how to install the war.well,wheather I need to build the openam source?
    2.I can install the war,I need to config policy. I can learn how to config policy, but,realy I have not learnd detail that how to config policy.If I learn to config policy,our applications just as client,Not need to write code?
    3.What situation ,I need to compile openam source,and modify the source and build my company’s IAM?

    I’m chinese,I don’t know my expression is ok.

    If you can help me ,Thank you Very Much!!!

     Jatinder Singh

    1. I would suggest to go through the below installation guide to set-up AM on your server. You can download the war file through Backstage > Downloads section.

    2. AM supports XACML based authorization policies. If your current SSO supports this spec, you may be able to import and reuse with minimal set of changes. You can read more on authorization at the below link:

    3. You don’t necessarily have to compile from source-code for most scenarios. If you have custom requirements such as – modify UI, Custom Node, or Custom Auth Module. You can extract the downloaded WAR file > include your changes > and bundle it again as a final WAR.

    P.S Core AM source-code is not available publicly anymore. Only am-external is available which can be used to extend AM functionality.

    Hope this helps!


    Great! I’ll follow your suggestion.Thank you!

     Jatinder Singh

    :) Thumbs up!

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