How do I log OpenAM audit and debug logs to Syslog server


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    We have a business requirement to write “OpenAM debug & audit logs and OpenDJ logs” to external Syslog server in json format.

    In order to implement this requirement, I have configured OpenAM (version 6) global audit logging “secondary instance of the Syslog type” as per OpenAM documentation.

    Syslog config information:

    Transport protocol : TCP, Port: 1514, Facility: SYSLOG,
    Topics: Access, Activity, Configuration, Authentication

    I observed that OpenAM writes config changes to external Syslog server when I do some changes to Syslog server connection details (ex: enable buffering) in OpenAM, but OpenAM doesn’t write any audit logs (for example: REST authentication /json/realms/customers/authenticate) for /customers realm.

    Has anyone implemented this requirements?? have you faced similar issues/bugs with OpenAM – Syslog integration??

    Thanks for your prompt response.

    Best Regards

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