How can I get value from client script node

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    I have created client auth tree node with below code

    @Node.Metadata(outcomeProvider = SingleOutcomeNode.OutcomeProvider.class, configClass = ClientScriptGetTokenNode.Config.class)
    public class ClientScriptGetTokenNode extends SingleOutcomeNode {
    	private final Config config;
    	private final static String DEBUG_FILE = "ScriptedClientNode";
    	protected Debug debug = Debug.getInstance(DEBUG_FILE);
    	public interface Config {
    		@Attribute(order = 100)
    		ScriptConfiguration script();
    		@Attribute(order = 200)
    		String scriptResult();
    	public ClientScriptGetTokenNode(@Assisted Config config) throws NodeProcessException {
    		this.config = config;
    	public Action process(TreeContext context) throws NodeProcessException {
    		Optional<String> result = context.getCallback(HiddenValueCallback.class).map(HiddenValueCallback::getValue)
    				.filter(scriptOutput -> !Strings.isNullOrEmpty(scriptOutput));
    		if (result.isPresent()) {
    			JsonValue newSharedState = context.sharedState.copy();
    			newSharedState.put(config.scriptResult(), result.get());
    			System.out.println(">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"+config.scriptResult() +">>>>"+result.get());
    			debug.message("[" + this.getClass().getSimpleName() + "]" + "Client result is:\n" + result.get());
    			return goToNext().replaceSharedState(newSharedState).build();
    		} else {
    			String clientSideScript = config.script().getScript();
    			debug.message("[" + this.getClass().getSimpleName() + "] " + "Client script is:\n" + clientSideScript + "\n"
    					+ "Client result name: " + config.scriptResult());
    			ScriptTextOutputCallback scriptCallback = new ScriptTextOutputCallback(clientSideScript);
    			HiddenValueCallback hiddenValueCallback = new HiddenValueCallback(config.scriptResult());
    			ImmutableList<Callback> callbacks = ImmutableList.of(scriptCallback, hiddenValueCallback);
    			return send(callbacks).build();

    Client Script


    How Can I get ssoToken value from result.get()


    To obtain a value from the browser, you would need to use the DOM API to set the value of the hidden <input.../> element for the hidden input callback, which will have an id of something like IDToken2, and then trigger submission of the page.


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